Mobile Elevating Work Platforms

Location: Your Workplace
Price: $200/ person
$125/group (3 to 9)

This course covers Self-propelled Elevating Work Platforms. If you own more than one type of self-propelled platform, no problem, we cover each type with no extra cost to you. All course attendees must go through proficiency testing on each piece of equipment at your workplace.


This theory class covers the following,

  • Responsibility
  • Safe Operation
  • Hazards
  • Warning Symbols
  • Equipment Inspection
  • Workplace Inspection and more...
  • The theory portion takes approximately 90 minutes
  • At the end operators will be tested and must pass


Operators must demonstrate a list of skills to prove proficiency in the operation of the equipment. WorkSafeBC requires operators to take the Elevating Work Platform training only once unless:

  • New equipment is introduced in the workplace that is unfamiliar to the operator
  • The equipment is modified in a manner that affects its safe operation or load capacity
  • The operating conditions or the environment in which the operator works has changed
  • The operator has been involved in an incident relating to the equipment
  • Skill or knowledge deficiencies have been identified
  • The requirements of the applicable standards or the Regulation change
  • Employers are welcome to provide retraining of their operators at fixed intervals if desired.
  • Successful participants will receive a wallet and wall size certificate.
  • Your company will be provided with all the relevant paperwork as proof of training.
  • This is not a, how to operate an Elevating Work Platform, course. This course is on the safe operation of the equipment.
  • Course attendees must have at least 4 hours of supervised experience on the equipment or be experienced operators before taking the course.
  • Operator’s manuals must always be read before using any piece of equipment.

Cost of training:

For 1 to 2 people the cost is $200 per person

For 3 to 9 - $125 per person

For 10+ - $100 per person