Meet Your Instructor: Anne Reed

I started out in this profession as a Customer Service Representative for a Forklift Sales and Service company in the Lower Mainland. While in that position I was trained as a Forklift Safety Instructor. It wasn’t long before I went out on my own as an instructor and started A/R Operator Training. Over time I expanded my repertoire of training courses. I lived in the Lower Mainland for many years but have recently moved back home to Victoria. I have changed my company name to Victoria Industrial Safety Training.

I have been instructing safety courses since 1998. I only do on-site training. I have seen and learned many things over the years. Every application has its own set of dynamics, as do the personalities of my students. I have developed my teaching style and course to deal with the various personalities, strengths and weaknesses of the individuals I encounter. My approach is light as I have found many participants are nervous. I like to put them at ease while conveying the course materials. I take safety very serious as I have heard of too many things going wrong. I like stress these points during my classes.

Positive attitude – I work with the business owners to make the classes as convenient and efficient as possible; to make sure their employees have as little down time for training as possible while getting the necessary tools to be effective as forklift operators.  I consider myself to be a Resource for my clients and for them to call on me for solutions to their forklift challenges.

I use all my experience and knowledge to help save time, save money and leave with the knowledge the job is done right.

Since 1998 I have instructed thousands of operators and participants. This is a job I thoroughly enjoy and look forward to meeting you and your employees!

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